Pregnancy massage, also called prenatal massage, is a good way to relieve some of the aches and pains experienced during pregnancy. Pregnancy is hard on a woman’s body. The added weight and relaxing of the ligaments that occur during pregnancy is stressful on the joints, especially the pelvis. Carrying the baby causes the pelvis to tilt. This puts pressure on the lower back. There is also a lot of stress put on the neck, shoulders and upper back. Getting massage during pregnancy can:

  • decrease symptoms of depression
  • reduce anxiety
  • relieve muscle aches
  • lessen joint pains
  • regulate hormones
  • reduce swelling
  • improve labor outcomes
  • improve newborn health

Pregnancy massage can also relieve nerve pain. Sciatica and carpal tunnel syndrome sometimes occur during pregnancy. When you see a massage therapist, make sure you see someone who is certified in prenatal massage. That means that the therapist will have taken special classes about massaging pregnant woman. This is necessary because there are areas of the body that should be avoided during a prenatal massage. Pillows and cushions are used to make you comfortable on the massage table. The safest position for you to be worked on is lying on your side. You should discuss all details of your pregnancy with your therapist.

60 min 90 min
$ 75 $ 110


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